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Laughter is the way to the heart


I have over a decade of experience on the New York and Los Angeles comedy scene.  So I can add a little or a lot of humor.

The ceremony I write for you will be unique because it will be based on you.  The reasons you are choosing to spend the rest of your life saying, yes I want to be here with you.  And your guests will enjoy it so much that they won't be thinking about the happy hour after.

 Your Dream!     Your Wedding! 

Any Modality


If you and your fiance are of two different faiths I can accommodate you both.  If you are both atheists I am happy to leave religion out of it!  If you want to stick one prayer in to make your parents happy that's easy as well. I have a rich spiritual life and a love of all religions.  The direction your wedding takes is all up to you.

I will marry anyone

I am so happy for you that your found your dream! Who ever you are where ever your from, I will make legal what you already know to be true in your heart.

Years of Experience


I am the daughter of a tuxedo man. I grew up understanding the wold of weddings.  You plan for a year just to realize you have to make a change at the last minute.  I will be avaiable to you throughtout process to make it as easy as possible.  My dad always told me. "Thier wedding day is the most important, exciting, and nerve wraking day of thier life.  Part of our job is making it just a bit easier"

The  most beautiful moment in life is when you look into each others eyes, seeing each other with your strengths and flows, and realize that you are blessed to spend the rest of your life with your best friend.

You're in charge

I am happy to add small ceremonies within your wedding, whether it's a hand fasting, candle ceremony or anything else you would like.  You even have the option of reading through it up to a week before and I am always happy to make any changes you would like made

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